Once the mainstay of most UK tile showrooms, clapper displays have helped the tile industry become what is is today. Although most recent showrooms now tend not to use these types of displays, often opting for more of a boutique look, you can still  purchase clapper displays from Vision where these suit your needs.


Due to the drop in demand over the last few years we no longer manufacture batches of clapper displays and hold them in stock as it is not cost-effective to do so, however we do still make these on a special order basis, normally within our standard 3-4 week lead-time.


Vision can offer a choice of two clapper door options which are Fixed trim and Removable full panel untrimmed.


Fixed trim:

The panels are supplied with an Anthracite MDF trim which is fitted to the edges of the MDF central panel. This provides a 12.5mm deep recess both sides of the panel. The clapper panel is then fitted with brackets to allow it to be lifted on and off the clapper display frame as required. When you need to re-tile simply chip off the old tiles and re-tile the panel again. With care, these panels can be re-used many times and new replacement panels are available from Vision as required.                                                                                        

Designed originally for tile distributors who have to ship ready-tiled panels around in order to avoid having to chop off display tiles in their customers’ showrooms, the removable tile display panels are separate boards which slide in and out of a pre-fabricated clapper `door’. Just tile onto the MDF panels  provided (15mm thick) and slide the clapper panel into position with one panel either side of the main metal clapper door. Vision clapper doors have a lift-off front section designed to hide the front edges of the boards and complete the clapper door construction. These tile display panels can be re-used many times and new replacements are available from us.

Vision have manufactured 100's of different clapper display variation over the last 25 years, many of which can be seen in the gallery below, so if you need something specific or special please just contact our sales office to discuss your project.

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