Porcelthin tile products are large format, lightweight, ultra-thin porcelain tiles.

Some of these specialist products are extremely large format - often 1800mm tall x 900mm wide (or larger) and as such, most conventional display units are not capable of holding the products correctly or safely.


Vision have designed a unique display unit that holds the products vertically (to save floor space) but with the the tiles displayed at a 45-degree angle.

This allows the customer to view, select and handle each individual product with out interfering with any of the other tiles on show.

Porcelthin displays incorporate slots at the bottom and an extra level of upper 'fingers', designed to hold the products safely at all times.

These units are made to hold as many tiles as required and can be used as either single-sided wall units or double-sided island displays.

They can be manufactured and supplied with various colour backboards and with full-colour printed point of sale or branding, if needed.

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