One of the most recent popular trends in the tile industry are Large Format & wood plank tiles, manufactured up to 2CM thick.

These products are manufactured in many different size variations, which can make them difficult to display easily – Vision's Vertical Array Displays provide the solution to this problem and are ideal for both tile & flooring samples.


Due to the size of the products, most retailers prefer to display them vertically where possible. The normal display method is often a slotted base into which the tiles are stood upright, behind each other where it can sometimes be difficult to view or select any of the samples that are at the back of the display. This can make hard work of lifting a sample out of the display or putting it back in once it has been viewed, as most customers will want to see the sample they have selected laid on the floor  - as this is where they will be installed in their home.


Vision's Vertical Array Displays are designed so that the samples are positioned at 45-degrees to each other, side by side, vertically. This means that each individual sample can be viewed, selected, removed and put back into the display without any interference with any other samples. These displays have a slot at the bottom of the display as well as a series of 'support fingers' higher up - which help support the sample fully, making them very stable in use.


Vision can manufacture these displays in ANY combination of sizes required and they can have a backpanel provided for point of sale added if required for distribution.


Due to customer demand we now manufacture and stock 2 types of 1000mm wide Vertical Array displays for our customers who want something quickly! We have available 12 x slot displays for tiles up to 300mm & 10 x slot displays for tiles up to 600mm wide, making them perfect for both planked and large format tiles up to 2CM thick - Contact our sales office for more information.

Our standard displays are reversible, allowing you to show your tiles facing either left or right to suit the flow of your showroom. If you need to re-hand them, simply undo and spin over the top tile support panel and it's done!

See the quick video below for more information:

Want to know the dimensions of our stock Vertical Array Displays?- simply download the PDF's below:

12 slot vertical array for 300mm wide tiles -Product data sheet
VA12-1000mmW - 300mmW Product.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [406.7 KB]
10 slot vertical array for 600mm wide tiles - Product data sheet
VA10-1000mmW - 600mmW Product.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [344.6 KB]
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