Able to send us your print-ready artwork? If so, we will print and apply your graphics within the price quoted.

If you are unsure as to what it is you need, please read our quick-printing guide below or call our sales office - we are always happy to help!

Should you require our assistance with your artwork, we are happy to oblige.  

However - please note that we may need to charge a small amount to cover the costs of our time - this will be clearly quoted prior to any work being undertaken.






File colour type : All files supplied should be based in the CMYK colour mode. RGB is not ideal for digital printing, as this format was created to represent colours on screen only, therefore making it unsuitable for printing.

In the case of some packages, an RGB image may result in a black and white image being printed.


Resolution :  We ask that you save your artwork at the required size of which it needs to be printed.

Images must have a resolution of between 300 and 350dpi. If artwork is generated at a lower resolution, the quality of the final print will be affected. Artwork should be generated at a resolution of 350dpi from the outset, as it cannot be enhanced at a later stage. Please note that it is not recommended to use images from the internet for printing, as they have been optimized for computer screens in order to keep the file size compact; thus rendering them unusable for print. If supplying large file sizes that may not  easily transmit via email, then please use `Dropbox’ or similar web-based large file transfer systems.


Bleeds : All artwork supplied to us for print must have at least 3mm bleed on all trimmed edges. If supplied artwork is not supplied with requested ‘bleeds’, then you may incur extra charges to modify your artwork.


File format : When using images in certain software, such as QuarkXpress or Adobe Photoshop, we require the original image files to be provided along with the document file. Without these we may not be able to print your document.

As a general rule, TIFF files should be used for all photographs while EPS files should be used for logos or drawings.

JPEG is usually acceptable but if used, we ask that the quality is kept strictly to maximum.

High resolution print ready PDF files are also acceptable. Please contact us if you are unsure about the compatibility of your own files.


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